Summer of CTC

In 2014, Considering the Circumstances performed over 30 live shows promoting our first release: Nature’s Dance. We got to share the stage with amazing bands like Grimskunk, Morgan, Happycuriens, 123goninja, Slater et fils, Cirrhose et Cendrier and too many more to name. What a privilege.

In early 2015 we managed to record a 6 song EP entitled Pretty Pictures. We have consequently decided to not do any shows this summer- but we are not idle. I myself (Phil) am composing our third release which will be entirely in french. Mel is playing with a great band, Calamity Steed. Dave is busy with other musical projects, Viva Bertaga and Karcajou. Chris is literally in the middle of nowhere, only reachable by helicopter. Having little to do he is polishing his bass skills hours each day and working on his acoustic project Gruppeknel. I invite all of you to check out these projects.

But what about the fans?

Nature’s dance has been made available for free download. Two new songs, Benny and Happy N Sad have been released so far. We will be releasing Pretty Pictures before the end of July for FREE.

Why free?

We worked very hard on Pretty Pictures and invested a lot of time and money. We decided to make it free as a THANK YOU for the overwhelming support we had in 2014. Our fans are the best. We also want to thank the amazing organizers and bands we worked with. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Rude-Mekanicals Productions, La Show Box and Productions Rude Boy, to name just a few.

Please continue to support the local scene and each other!

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